Fiona Chinkan is a New York City based artist. Fiona began her signature style of drawings in 2001, as a way to accompany graffiti lettering she was exploring at the time. Over the years, she has developed the lines and forms as a means to express herself and interpret the world around her. She graduated cum laude in 2007 from the University of Hartford Art School with a BFA concentration in Visual Communication Design, minors in Photography and Art History.  She moved to New York City post graduation to pursue a career in graphic design. She currently works as a digital art director in the fashion industry.

Most recently, she has shown in New York City with the June 11th MadGallery pop-up exhibition and in Hartford, CT as part of the group show “PINK!”. She has also been featured on instagram accounts, such as @taxcollective, @makermentors and @atomdraw.

Fiona creates out of her Brooklyn-based studio.

You can see her daily drawings on instagram here: fionac.nyc


For original drawings or to collaborate together on any projects,
contact by email at: fionac.nyc@gmail.com


The NY Grind: Art Warehouse Showcase    New York City, NY    July 2016
Blacklight: A NY Fine Art Show presented by The Set    New York City, NY    July 2016
Leaders of the Youth Art Festival    Waterbury, CT    June 2016
Juried Mad Gallery Show    New York City, NY    June 2016
Shared Energies: Cells, Stars and the Fluidity Between    Inverness, Nova Scotia    June 2016
Juried PINK! Show    Hartford, CT    March 2016
Our Greatest Generations: Untold Stories of Jewish War Veterans    Hartford, CT    Nov 2007
Juried VCD Senior Exhibition: Resolution    Hartford, CT    May 2007
A Petite Retrospective on Intimacy    Hartford, CT    April 2007
Sobriety    Hartford, CT    Feb 2007
Mix06    Hartford, CT    Feb 2007
Juried Annual Goldfarb Show    Hartford, CT    Feb 2006 & 2007
A Petite Retrospective on Intimacy    Collinsville, CT    November & December 2007
A Retrospective on Intimacy    Franklin Lakes, NJ    June 2006
Mix06    Melbourne, Australia    October 2006

Shared Energies: Cells, Stars and the Fluidity Between    Inverness, Nova Scotia    June 2016

MadGallery   May, June & July 2016
TaxCollection   March & June 2016
The_Tattoo_Station   June 2016
AtomDraw    April 2016
GirlSeeArt    January 2016