Gallery Residency from April 7th - May 7th, 2017
Gallery Exhibition from May 6th - June 11th, 2017

At the Taplin Gallery, Paul Robeson Center for the Arts in Princeton, New Jersey.

The Taplin Gallery is pleased to present the Spring 2017 Anne Reeves Artists-in-Residence for Arts Council of Princeto, Fiona Chinkan and Maria Doering. Their project, Shared Energies: Cells, Stars and the Fluidity Between, is a collaborative residency project between New York City based artist Fiona Chinkan and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based artist Maria Doering. Having known each other for over 14 years, Fiona and Maria are reunited in the studio to continue their work on their large format collaborative drawing project in the spacious Taplin Gallery at the Princeton Arts Council between April 7th and May 7th, 2017.

The two women have collaborated through different approaches over the years starting with their first co-curated exhibit in 2006, titled Retrospective on Intimacy, in New Jersey and Connecticut. Shortly after, Maria moved to Canada and they continued to collaborate by mailing their drawings back and forth between New York City and Dartmouth. This ever expanding body of work grew into the Shared Energies project, which was first exhibited during their studio residency stay in 2016 at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts in Inverness, Nova Scotia.

During their spring 2017 Anne Reeves Residency, Fiona and Maria will be elaborating on an artistic conversation, merging and reacting to both of their notions of space. Fiona interprets imagery of outer space while Maria explores the inner space of the human body. Their work juxtaposes the formation of star systems with human cellular structures while laying in emotional complexities. Their unique styles intertwine and merge in an unexpected explosion of energy through pen and ink on paper. They either draw simultaneously on the same sheet or both artists begin a drawing separately and then switch to continue working on the other’s drawing. The Taplin Gallery will be turned into their studio space where the artist duo will continue to push their explorations to large scale drawings and possibly three dimensional installations during their residency stay in Princeton.

Anyone is welcome to stop by the Taplin gallery and visit the artists during their stay. Fiona and Maria are looking forward to sharing their process and progress with the community.

The Shared Energies: Cells, Stars and the Fluidity Between exhibition will be on view at the Taplin Gallery from May 6th - June 11th, 2017.

The exhibition opening and artist talk will be held May 6th, 2017. Time to be determined.



Artistic Collaborations 101
(Min. 5 participants - Max 10 participants,  Exact date/times to be determined)
In this workshop, we introduced participants to the idea of artistic collaboration, why it is valuable and the different approaches artists can take when working together. We shared our own methods, as well as other ways we have seen artist teams collaborate. During the workshop participants were paired up and challenged to work on a project together in one of the many approaches. It was a fun event that people with and without experience enjoyed. All individuals needed was to bring is their favourite "making" materials (pencils, watercolors, yarn, etc…) and an open mind. It was a fun way to connect with other artists or take an interesting workshop with their favourite art buddy!

Sketchbook Collaborations
(Min. 5 participants - Max 10 participants,  Exact date/times to be determined)
One wonderful artistic collaboration method that we discussed in our first workshop was sketchbook sharing with another artist. In this workshop, we dove deeper into this approach and introduced the class to different methods of sketchbook collaboration and explored how this method works when artist teams live close together versus apart long distance. Participants were paired up to start working together in small folio sketchbooks while expressing their own ideas and reacting to each other’s styles. This workshop worked as people signed up on their own, as well with to their art buddies.

BEHIND THE SCENES AT 2016 I.C.C.A. residency

Photo and video of us working, how we set up the studio, works in progress and art on display. For a more in depth view, check out Maria's blog post.



Fiona Chinkan is a New York City based artist. She graduated Cum Laude in 2007 from the University of Hartford Art School with a BFA with concentration in Visual Communication Design and minors in Photography and Art History. She moved to New York City post graduation to pursue a career in graphic design. She works as a digital art director in the fashion industry with clients such as Kate Spade, Coach, Kenneth Cole and Victoria’s Secret.

Fiona began her signature style of drawings in 2001, as a way to accompany the graffiti lettering she was exploring at the time. Over the years, she has developed the lines and forms as a means of expressing herself and interpreting the world around her.

Most recently, she has shown at the DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City as part of the group show “Making the Future” and at the Greenpoint Gallery as a part of their First Salon Show of 2017.

Fiona creates out of her Brooklyn-based studio. You can see more of her work at: and follow her for daily drawings on instagram


Maria Doering is a German multidisciplinary artist and printmaker, living and working in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia since 2012. She left Germany with her family at the age of 15, arriving in New Jersey. She received a BFA summa cum laude from the Hartford Art School in 2007, majoring in Printmaking with a minor in Art History, then completed an MFA at Concordia University in 2010.

Maria’s work has been exhibited in Canadian cities including Ottawa, Calgary, Kelowna, Montréal and Halifax as well as internationally in the U.S., the U.K., Denmark, Italy, Taiwan and Japan. In 2015 her print “Enveloped Evolution” was an honourable mention in the 5th Tokyo Screen Print Biennale, and in 2016 her print “The Old Soul” was selected as a finalist in the International Print Biennial: 2016 ROC at the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Arts.

Maria founded Doering Editions in 2010. She has taught undergraduate printmaking courses at NSCAD University in Halifax since 2013. She is the current president of the Nova Scotia Printmakers and organized their inaugural print exchange and touring exhibition in 2015. She is a co-founder, President, and Executive Director of the Maritime Centre for Contemporary Print, established in 2016 and planning to open to the public in 2017-2018.

Maria currently works from her studio in downtown Dartmouth. A broad selection of her work can be viewed at